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Pro Performance Plus
Lightweight Rx prescription sports sunglasses with interchangeable lenses for different light conditions.
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Rx sunglasses

Rapid Eyewear's Pro Performance Plus multi-lens prescription sports sunglasses are renowned as being some of the best on the market and yet, with prices for a full set including your prescription added starting at just £80.00, they offer amazing value for money. This development of the original Pro Performance package sees the addition of a clear, untinted lens which still provides 100% UVA / UVB protection and relief from the elements, in normal light conditions.

How to Buy This Product

Choose the prescription option you require from the drop-down menu above and then fill in the fields that appear. Before completing your order, please read the note below to make sure your prescription will be suitable for these sunglasses.

Is My Prescription Suitable?

Pro Performance Plus sunglasses can be used for any regular prescription where the SPH (Sphere) requirement is less than, or greater than, 4.5. Due to the curvature of the tinted lenses, they will not be suitable for those with very strong prescription requirements that exceed 4.5.

They are also suitable for bi-focal, varifocal and prismatic lenses but please note, we cannot add varifocal or prismatic prescriptions ourselves - please buy the sunglasses only and refer the work to your optician.

PD (Pupillary Distance)

This is the measurement between the centres of your eye pupils, across your regular glasses. Your optician will have measured your PD when you took your eye test, but they do not always provide the information. If you're not sure what your PD is, or your optician will not give it to you (in the UK they are not obliged to), ask someone to measure it by placing a ruler against your regular glasses. Do not take a measurement with the ruler flat against your face because this will provide an incorrect reading.

Most PD's are in the range of 58 - 70mm. Please note that, if your PD is above 69mm, these sunglasses will not be suitable for you.
Rapid Eyewear Rx prescription sunglasses for sport photo Prescription-frame_zps0afebe6c-1.jpg

What Can They Be Used For?

Pro Performance Plus prescription sunglasses are perfect for sport and leisure applications where you might need to use a clear, untinted lens - if you don't need an untinted lens, we recommend you look at the standard Pro Performance package (choose 'Prescription Sport Sunglasses' from the main sport menu). Common uses are:

  • Cycling
  • Shooting
  • Running
  • Skiing / winter sports

The Frames

Our prescription sunglasses for sport are built around a matt-black finished frame that has a prescription Rx clip housed in the back, whilst the tinted, interchangeable lenses sit on the front. This two-part arrangement allows for great versatility and performance, whilst the wrap-around styling blocks unwanted wind and light encroaching from the sides and bottom of your vision. The Pro-Performance sunglasses look good too, easily matching the style of many non-prescription sport sunglasses designs.The frames are lightweight and tough, whilst the Rx clip, made from a robust TR90 material, ensures maximum protection for your eyes from impact.The tinted lenses clip onto the top of the frames, allowing them to be flipped up for momentary 'normal' vision when required.

De-Centred and Anti-Scratch Coated Lenses

Wrap-around sunglasses offer great benefits when it comes to blocking unwanted light and wind from the sides of your vision, but placing a curved lens in front of your eyes would normally cause distortion. However, all Rapid Eyewear lens sets are de-centred, which means they are calibrated to remove the distorting effect.

The lenses supplied as standard are:

  • Clear, untinted
  • Category 0 yellow, light-enhancing for dull light
  • Category 2 beige polarised, for fairly bright or changeable light
  • Category 3 polarised grey mirror, for sunny conditions

By filtering blue light, our lenses improve definition and depth perception in your field of view. Polarised lenses block glare by filtering horizontal light.

 photo Flip-Springimage-web_zps964783ec.jpg

Conformity and Legal

Rapid Eyewear sunglasses conform to the new ISO 12311 and 12312 standards for sunglasses and protective equipment testing. This standard has now replaced EN1836 in the European Union. They offer 100% UVA / UVB (UV400) protection.

Can People See the Insert Through the Lens?

Due to the studio lighting we use, the photographs here of Pro Performance with the Category 3 lens suggests you can see the Rx insert through the tinted lenses. In actual fact, the Category 3 grey lens has a mirror finish, and when worn outside in sunshine, the Rx insert is virtually impossible to see. Please note that the insert can be seen through the lighter lenses.

How Long Does it Take to Make My Prescription?

Turnaround times from date of order is typically 7 - 10 days for UK orders, and a little longer for overseas.

Can You Fit Varifocal or Prismatic Lenses?

Please note that we cannot fit varifocal or prismatic lenses - your optician will be able to help with these requirements.

I Am Not in the UK - Will You Still Add My Prescription?

Yes! Our full prescription service is now available to customers worldwide and there are no extra fees.

Extra Tinted lenses

If you play golf, you may want to consider adding our green mirror Category 3 lens option from the drop-down menu at the top of this page before completing your purchase. You can also purchase a Category 4, dark smoked lens for very bright conditions (Note: The category 4 lens is not suitable for driving).

Rapid Eyewear Pro Performance Plus Rx polarized prescription sunglasses for sport photo ProPerformancePlusset2_zpsce420174.jpg
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Reviewed by: Eddie

I bought these glasses for clay target shooting and chose to have prescription lenses fitted. I gave my prescription over the phone and found the staff to be very pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable. The glasses arrived within the specified time and I am extremely pleased with them. I would recommend them highly.

Reviewed by: Andy

First off, let me thank the staff at Rapid Eyewear for highlighting and fixing an error on my prescription due to my opticians error. The customer service is fantastic, very helpful and rectified my mistake at their own cost!

The glasses great too + + + + + + + +

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