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  • Motorbike Sunglasses

    In order to be suitable, motorbike sunglasses need to be comfortable, lightweight, and able to fit without issues under a helmet. We have a range of biker eyewear to suit all of your requirements, whether you wear a full faced helmet, open faced helmet or you need prescription motorbike sunglasses.


    Rapid Eyewear sunglasses conform to the new ISO 12311 and 12312 standards for sunglasses and protective equipment testing, plus US Z80.3.

    Prescription Motorbike Sunglasses

    For those who need prescription biker sunglasses, our Pro Performance Plus, which feature interchangeable lenses, are ideal. If you prefer a more traditional aviator style look, Altius can also be made up to your prescription requirements.

    Biker Glasses for Night Riding

    Our Groove, Drive Black, Nimbus FT, Edge and Pro Performance sunglasses are bundled with yellow lenses which, at dusk or at night, filter blue light and can have the effect of making everything look brighter (unless it is completely dark). This is an optical illusion since you can't add more light than is actually there in the spectrum, however it does increase depth perception and contrast. When used at night, the anti-glare filters remove the harshness of oncoming car headlamps and street lights, making it easier to see where you are going. They also help to reduce fatigue than can be caused by glare on longer journeys.

    Note: Many 'night driving glasses' are offered with yellow polarised lenses. Polarised lenses are useless at night because the filters only work in natural sunlight, i.e. they do not filter glare from street lamps etc. For this reason, we do not add polarising filters to our night lenses. 
  • Climbing Glasses

    Climbing goggles or climbing sunglasses are a staple part of your kit. As such, choosing the correct eyewear for the purpose is absolutely essential. Rapid Eyewear have some great choices, whether you're a novice or experienced alpine climber.

    No matter how high you climb, the chances are, you'll always encounter wind - and a cold wind at that - somewhere up the line. All of Rapid Eyewear's climbing goggles and glacier glasses block annoying light and wind through their wrap around shape, but climbers should seriously consider going for Aspen or Moritz if they want the ultimate reduction. Both feature removeable rubber / foam inserts that will thoroughly protect your eyes against the elements. Vented lenses ensure you won't suffer fogging.

    All of our Alpine range have ultra-tough frames and lenses that will protect your face in the event of a fall, and sturdy retainer straps are included as standard.

    If you're a prescription wearer, Pro Performance Plus are an excellent choice, with four sets of interchangeable lenses, including two polarised options and a clear lens that still provides 100% UVA / UVB protection. We will be happy to add your prescription, too - just choose the relevant option on the product page.


    We are delighted to provide a full spares back-up service: everything from frames, lenses, nose rubbers and even side-arm fixing screws are available if you need them at a later date, or maybe you just want to buy an extra lens set. It's all listed in our spares and accessory sections of this website.
  • Cricket Sunglasses
    Cricket sunglasses are now very popular amongst professional and club players alike in the UK. It is perhaps surprising it has taken so long for this to happen, given the obvious benefits of wearing sunglasses that improve definition and reduce glare.

    Rapid Eyewear sunglasses for cricketers are perfect for all ages and standards, because they are lightweight, wrap-around and versatile, given the provision of interchangeable lenses. Polarised lenses are superb for reducing glare in the field, the beige option being invaluable if you're looking into the sun after the tea interval. If you're a wicketkeeper, buy a set with interchangeables and add a clear lens option to your basket to ensure you can use them as safety glasses when 'standing up'. Our lenses filter out blue light, thereby improving the definition and contrast of the ball, players and field.

    If you're a prescription cricket sunglasses wearer, choose Pro Performance Prescription, which provide all the benefits mentioned above thanks to the use of an Rx adaptor. We will be pleased to add prescription lenses for you, at a modest extra cost - just choose the relevant option from the drop-down menu on the product page.
  • Cycling Sunglasses

    Although cycling sunglasses should include the standard interchangeable tints seen with most sports eyewear, there are two more ingredients that we need to add to the mix - firstly, a clear lens, for keeping wind out in conditions where you don't require a tint, and second, vented lenses to prevent fogging. Most of the pairs in Rapid Eyewear's range of sunglasses for cycling include these features.

    Rapid Eyewear cycling sunglasses with interchangeables include clear, low light, beige polarised and grey mirror polarised lens options. These lenses will cover just about all conditions you can think of and, in tandem with Rapid Eyewear's superb impact resistant frames, you'll have the perfect sunglasses whether you are into road cycling, BMX or mountain biking. For more extreme conditions, consider Moritz or Aspen which include all-round eye cover and anti fog lenses.

    Prescription Cycling Sunglasses

    Don't worry if you need prescription cycling sunglasses, because we've got that covered too. The Pro Performance Plus package includes the four lens sets described above, plus an Rx insert for your corrective lenses. We will be pleased to add your prescription for you at a very reasonable extra cost; simply select the appropriate option from the drop-down menu on the product page.
  • Driving Sunglasses

    When it comes to driving sunglasses, there are a number of criteria that you should look for. All of the following are met by Rapid Eyewear's anti glare driving glasses:

    • Choose a wrap-around frame to ensure you block sunlight when it's coming in from the side windows
    • Make sure they are comfortable for those longer journeys
    • Consider polarised lenses, for removing glare from the road and other cars
    Rapid Eyewear's Drive package is absolutely ideal for all motoring conditions.

    How Do They Work as Night Driving Glasses?

    So, how can you see better in the dark with a Category 0 yellow lens set fitted? Well first of all, note that you cannot see objects at night using a yellow lens that were completely invisible before - what you can do is greatly improve the definition and contrast of barely visible objects, and reduce the glare from headlights and street lamps, by filtering out blue light from the spectrum and through the use of an anti-glare coating. This is what yellow lenses do, and why they are so effective. Using these lenses will also reduce fatigue on longer journeys (it is well known that bright lights can cause tiredness)..

    Prescription Driving Sunglasses

    If you are a spectacle wearer, Pro Performance will give you all the benefits of the three interchangeable lenses, plus your prescription, housed in an Rx insert. We will be happy to add your prescription for you: simply select the appropriate option from the drop-down menu on the Pro Performance product page (select below). If you prefer more traditional aviator-style sunglasses, Altius are also ideal. With their high quality frames and polarized lenses, the Altius offer a great balance between fashion and performance. Finally, for a highly cost effective option, choose our driving over glasses.
  • Fishing Sunglasses

    Fishing sunglasses with interchangeable lenses allow anglers to change their fishing eyewear to suit different light conditions. Rapid Eyewear's Catch fishing sunglasses come with three lenses, two of which are polarised - as worn by UK Fly-Fishing Champion Simon Robinson.

    Most fishermen know they need to have sport sunglasses with polarised lenses - but why, and how do they work? Polarised sunglasses have filters attached to the lenses, which remove horizontal light, thereby removing glare. In essence, glare is caused by the sun's rays bouncing off horizontal surfaces, so getting rid of this light also takes away the glare. The result? Well, depending on the water you're fishing in, it drastically improves your chances of seeing what's below the surface, or aberrations on the surface.

    There are plenty of fishing sunglasses on the market, but most only come supplied with one tint, meaning you'll need to buy at least two pairs to ensure you can get rid of that glare not only on sunny days, but also when it's hazy. Thanks to Rapid Eyewear, you can now buy one pair that will do the whole job - and, you get the light-enhancing lenses too, for dull days or early morning / night fishing, plus a superb carry case and head securing strap.

    If you're a spectacle wearer, select Catch Pro Prescription fishing sunglasses to enjoy all the benefits described above. We will be pleased to add your prescription lenses for you at a modest cost, too. Catch Pro Prescription sunglasses are the choice of fishing experts, including renowned Carp journalist Julian Cundiff who describes them as "simply brilliant."
  • Sunglasses For Sport

    We manufacture a wide range of eyewear that is ideal for specific sports, but many of our products are also perfect for everyday sports and leisure use. We've added our recommendations for general usage here, but you should note there are more sunglasses available as listed in the specific activity categories. Please note that our prescription options are listed separately (to view these, go back to the Menu and choose 'Prescription Sunglasses' instead).

    The common features of Rapid Eyewear sunglasses are as follows:

    • Lightweight
    • Highly robust
    • 100% UVA / UVB protection
    • Many pairs come with interchangeable lenses
    • Every pair supplied with a retainer and carry case or pouch
    • Compliance with ISO 12312 and US Z80.3
    • Impact resistant lenses
    • High build quality at an affordable price
    Rapid Eyewear products have been designed, developed and tested to the highest standards in the UK by experienced sportsmen and women. If you are not 100% satisfied following your purchase, we will be happy to give you a full refund.

    We are also one of the very few companies who provide a full spares back up service for sunglasses in this price bracket. For spares and accessories, please choose the relevant option from the home page.
  • Golf Sunglasses

    Golf sunglasses with interchangeable lenses allow the user to change their tint according to the light conditions. For sunny days, Rapid Eyewear's advanced polarised green mirror tinted lens is the ultimate golf eyewear accessory; developed to provide the best contrast possible between a white ball and green background, it cuts through blue light to help you read the fairways and greens better. Meanwhile, Category 0 low light lenses are great for early morning and late evening play, whilst a beige polarised lens is perfect for light cloud, hazy or fairly sunny days where superb definition and clarity can be achieved through the filtering of blue light.

    Thanks to the changeable lenses, Rapid Eyewear's golf sunglasses are effectively three pairs rolled into one: you also get a high quality carry case, head retainer strap and a microfibre cleaning cloth to go with them. Everything you need, in fact, to enjoy the best vision you can achieve on the golf course.
    Our frames are made from the highest quality polycarbonate and TR90 composites; they are lightweight, wrap-around in style and have a slight flex that allows them to comfortable fit most shapes and sizes of head. Most pairs benefit from an adjustable nose clip, whilst Edge feature our new and unique side-arm height adjustment system which allows you to make a bespoke fit.

    If you need corrective golf sunglasses, the Scratch Pro X Prescription brings the benefits of interchangeable lenses, through the use of an Rx insert. We will be happy to provide a full prescription service: just select the relevant option from the product page when you buy. 
  • Over Glasses Sunglasses

    Prescription sunglasses can cost a lot of money, especially if you buy them from an optician. Rapid Eyewear's range of uv400 over glasses offer a cost-effective solution to your needs, as they simply fit over your existing spectacles. Available in a range of fashionable colours and sizes, our over glasses for men and women are polarised (except for the night driving option - see below) and anti-scratch coated; they are built around a lightweight yet tough polycarbonate frame, and feature impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses.

    Rapid Eyewear overglasses are suitable for a range of sports and leisure activities, including driving, fishing, cycling, running and general use. For driving at night, take a look at our night driving overglasses, which have anti-glare coatings on the rear lenses.

  • Air Sports

    Hang gliding and paragliding sunglasses need to be very tough, lightweight, wrap-around and optically superior to ensure you enjoy superb levels of clarity and definition when in the air. Rapid Eyewear's sunglasses offer all of these attributes, plus a choice of options that ensures there will be something to suit you.

    If you want a range of tints for different light conditions, choose a pair from the Mile High range, which are supplied with no less than four sets of lenses as standard, plus a carry case, head securing strap and cleaning cloth. Each pair includes our famous light-enhancing set for dull days, or early morning / early evening use.

    Both Aspen and Moritz benefit from removable foam / rubber inserts, which provide extra lenses of wind and light blockage from the peripheries of your vision - Moritz, Aspen and Falera all have vented lenses, giving them an anti-fogging capability. If you're worried about head security, check out the removable side-arms on Moritz, which can be replaced by a retainer strap.

    Note: All of the sunglasses shown here are comfortable beneath a helmet.

    If you need prescription paragliding sunglasses, choose Aviate. You may want to consider adding the clear UV400 lens to your package as well (available from a drop-down menu on the Aviate page), making your glasses ready to use even when you don't require a tint. We will be happy to add your prescription lenses at a modest extra cost: see individual product page for more details.

  • Sunglasses For Pilots

    Rapid Eyewear's aviation sunglasses range (previously called 'Mile High') are the world's leading polycarbonate and TR90 based sunglasses designed with pilots in mind. Each pair comes with four sets of interchangeable lenses for different light conditions: please note that in line with CAA recommendations, none of the lenses are polarised.

    All of our pilot sunglasses are manufactured to the highest standards, with lightweight, wrap-around frames that fit comfortably under headsets. They offer 100% UVA and UVB protection and comply with ISO 12312 and US Z80.3 standards.

    Prescription Pilot Sunglasses

    If you wear spectacles, choose Aviate sunglasses, which also come with four sets of interchangeable lenses and an Rx insert. We will be happy to add your prescription lenses for you - simply choose the relevant option on the product page.

  • Prescription Sunglasses

    We are pleased to offer a range of solutions for glasses wearers, including Rx sports prescription sunglasses, aviators and also the highly cost-effective over glasses that go over your spectacles.

    Rx Sunglasses

    The Rx adaptor, or optical insert, is effectively a small plastic spectacle frame that sits behind the tinted lens on your sports sunglasses. This arrangement provides several key advantages:

    • Versatility: it allows for interchangeable, tinted lens options to be used
    • Strength: it doubles the protective layers in front of your eyes for sport
    • Cost effective: Stock lenses can be cut to your prescription, and easily replaced if your requirements change


    If you're looking for a simple, budget prescription option, try our polarised Overglasses. The overglasses simply fit on top of your existing spectacles; they are available in a range of colours, and different size options (please check the indicated measurements carefully before making your purchase). Our polycarbonate Overglasses are strong, lightweight and fitted with impact-resistant polarised Category 3 lenses.

    Altius Aviator Sunglasses

    With a slight wrap-around styling, the Altius aviators feature high quality nickel silver frames with sprung side arms, and impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses with hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings that resist grease and water. We will be happy to fit Optimar XL prescription lenses to the Altius range for you; please note that a flash mirror coating can be fitted if required, for an additional cost. Choose from polarised and non polarised options.

    Prescription Service

    We are pleased to offer a full prescription service at highly competitive prices. We can make up both single-vision and bifocal options, but not varifocals (progressives). before committing to your purchase, please ensure you read the product notes carefully as there are some restrictions on eye strengths. if you would prefer your own optician to complete the optical work, buy the glasses only and they will be able to help.
  • RC Modelglasses

    The world's leading sunglasses exclusively designed and manufactured for RC model flying use. Our Modelglasses range has been the market leader since 2005: as used by many of the world's top RC pilots.

    Designed by experienced modellers, Model Glasses are an essential RC accessory. Featuring interchangeable lenses, they offer low light and polarised options that improve depth perception, contrast and the definition of clouds and models during flight, whatever the conditions.

    Prescription (spectacle) wearers can choose Innovation Plus to enjoy all the benefits and features of our regular Model Glasses. You can order a full prescription service on the product page.

    Each pair of Modelglasses is supplied with interchangeable lenses, a carry case, a cleaning cloth and a head retainer strap. Additional lens options are also available on each product page.

  • Rowing Sunglasses

    Rowers have a requirement for lightweight, wrap-around sport sunglasses that are tough enough to withstand all that can be thrown at them on the water. The lenses need 100% UVA / UVB protection and should preferably be polarised, to reduce the effects of glare from the water. Rapid Eyewear sunglasses can meet the demands of the most rigorous rowing conditions; the provision of interchangeable lenses with most pairs ensures they remain useful all year-round, whatever the light.

    Every pair of Rapid Eyewear rowing sunglasses with interchangeables is supplied with a retainer strap, sturdy carry case and microfibre cleaning cloth. Use the low light Category 0 lenses for dull days, or early morning / late evening work-outs; beige polarised lenses for hazy, light cloud or intermittent sunshine; grey mirror for bright, sunny days.

    Rapid Eyewear products have been the number one choice for many rowers over the years, including the Durham University boat crew, and the Atlantic Lions, who recently completed an epic trans-atlantic crossing (see photo, above left).

    Polarized Floating Sunglasses?

    Most sports sunglasses, now matter how light in weight, will sink if you drop them in water. For a simple fix to this problem, our Float sunglasses can be used - weighing in at just 10g, Float are supplied with polarised blue mirror lenses, a matt black frame and a retainer strap.

    Prescription Rowing Sunglasses?

    If you need corrective lenses in your rowing eyewear, choose Pro Performance. Pro Performance benefit from polarised and low-light interchangeable lenses, whilst your prescription can be added to the Rx adaptor that sits in the back. To order your prescription-ready pair, select Pro Performance below and follow the instructions.
  • Running Sunglasses

    An athlete's requirements running sunglasses need to keep the wind and light out of the peripheries of your vision. The sunglasses need to be lightweight, wrap-around and tough enough not to break if you take a tumble.

    The tint selected should optimise your vision in different weather conditions; choose Cat 0's yellow for poor light, brown polarised Cat 2's for changeable conditions, and Cat 3 grey polarised for sunshine. Rapid Eyewear's range of interchangeables cover all these bases in one, handy package.

    Most of our sunglasses for athletes and triathletes include vented lenses and adjustable nose pads; for the ultimate in bespoke fitting, the new Edge and Toledo options include a unique ratcheted side arm height adjustment system. All lenses offer UV400 protection, are impact resistant and comply with British and European standards.

    If you need prescription running sunglasses, our Rx Pro Performance Plus are perfect for the job; they are supplied with four sets of lenses as standard, plus a retainer strap and carry case. We can add your prescription lenses, too - just select the appropriate option from the menu on the product page. 

  • Sailing Sunglasses

    Sailing is one sport that can really push your eyewear to the limit. The sunglasses you choose need to block wind and unwanted light from the peripheries of your vision; you'll also experience some crazy light changes - that's why Rapid Eyewear's interchangeable lens system is ideal because, if the weather or light is poor, you can use the low light lenses and when it's bright, with lots of glare, polarised beige or grey mirror tints will do the trick.

    Lightweight, wrap-around sunglasses are perfect for sailing, and so is the inclusion of a retainer strap, to ensure your sunglasses remain firmly where you want them, i.e. on your head and not in the water.

    Floating Sunglasses?

    Jet skiers and water skiers will find our Float sunglasses especially ideal since, unlike most 'lightweight' plastic sunglasses, they won't sink if you drop them in the water. these amazing sunglasses weigh just 10g, making them light enough to simply bob up and down if they do slip off.

    Rx Prescription Sailing Sunglasses?

    If you are a prescription wearer, choose Pro Performance Plus. These Rx based sunglasses provide a lightweight, attractive option for spectacle wearers. You can order a prescription-ready pair; select the product below for details.
  • Shooting Sunglasses

    Sunglasses for shooting should offer a mix of visual clarity and safety. Rapid Eyewear sunglasses cover both elements, whilst the various options in our range also provide great versatility. Through the use of interchangeable lenses, most of our shooting products can handle all types of light and with the clear lens added, they can simply be used as safety glasses if required.

    All Rapid Eyewear sunglasses are fitted with impact resistant lenses and tough, lightweight frames. They offer 100% UVA / UVB protection, and filter blue light to provide better clarity and contrast in your field of view. Most styles have polarised lenses, which are great for reducing the glare on a target.

    For protection in shooting games like airsoft, choose Moritz, which benefit from a foam gasket that cushions the blow of a pellet. Moritz benefit from interchangeable side arms that can be swapped for a sturdy strap when required. 

    Those who need prescription shooting sunglasses are catered for by Pro Performance Plus, which benefit from being supplied with four sets of interchangeable lenses. The prescription lenses are added by means of an Rx insert, and we can provide these too - just specifiy whether you require single-vision or bifocal on the product page, and we'll do the rest.

  • Ski Eyewear

    Rapid Eyewear's range of products that are suitable for skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports include dedicated goggles, sunglasses that can be changed into goggles, and sports-wrap sunglasses that are suitable for the casual 'holiday' skiier.

    Our range of ski goggles include a number of attractive styles for both men and women; all include impact-resistant frames, and anti-fog mirror lenses. They have been carefully developed to insure the best possible balance between looks, safety and performance. Through the use of our new Rx insert, we can also add your prescription lenses to any pair - simply add this option on the page that relates to the product of your choosing.

    If you want something a little more versatile, Aspen and Moritz convert from regular sunglasses into 'goggles'; with Moritz, you simply unclip the side arms and replace with a strap, before adding a foam gasket that keeps out the elements. Aspen benefit from removable rubber inserts, and a retainer strap.

    Finally, if you just want a good pair of sports sunglasses that will be useful all year-round and not just on the annual skiing holiday, choose from the carefully selected options below. We've included an Rx prescription pair too (Pro Performance Plus). Every pair is supplied with a retainer strap and interchangeable lenses to cope with different light conditions.

  • Snowboard Goggles

    From the range of goggles to our convertible sunglasses / goggles, Rapid Eyewear has exactly what you need to ensure safety, performance and style on the slopes.

    Perfect for snowboarding, the goggles feature impact resistant frames, and double-layered polycarbonate lenses which allows an excellent anti-fogging capability. Available in a range of colours and styles, there will be a pair to suit everyone.

    If you're looking for something a little more versatile that can be worn all year round, Moritz and Aspen might be for you. These innovative sunglasses can be quickly turned into goggles simply by adding a retainer strap and wind-blocking gasket. 

    Prescription wearers are also well catered for, thanks to the introduction of a new Rx insert that fits easily into all of our ski goggles. If you require correction for your goggles, simply choose the required option from the drop-down menu on the product page of your choice. We can add the corrective lenses for you at a very reasonable cost.

    All Rapid Eyewear sunglasses comply with British, European and American standards.

  • Floating Sunglasses

    Most sunglasses will sink if dropped in water (including lightweight, sports-style products) but, weighing in at only 10g, Rapid Eyewear's innovative floating sunglasses simply bob around on the surface, ready for you to recover them.

    Float are perfect for a wide range of sports and leisure activities, including water skiing, jet skiing, kite surfing, windsurfing, sailing, rowing, kayaking, canoeing, swimming etc.

    Float feature impact resistant polycarbonate lenses, with polarised filters and an attractive blue mirror Category 3 lens. They comply with US Z80.3 and ISO 12312 standards.

  • Tennis Sunglasses

    Players looking for tennis sunglasses require the best possible contrast between ball and background, in different light conditions. Rapid Eyewear's range of interchangeables are perfect for the job, thanks to the inclusion of low light, polarized and 'sunshine' options in one handy package.

    Our tennis sunglasses feature high grade plastic frames and impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses, with full UV400 protection. A wide range of styles and colours ensures there is something to suit everyone.

    If you are a prescription wearer, Pro Performance will be the perfect choice for you. Making use of an Rx insert, the Pro Performance sunglasses offer many of the benefits of our standard range, including interchangeable tints and UV400 protection. We can offer to add your corrective lenses at a very competitive price - just choose your required option from the drop-down menus on the product page, add your prescription details, and we'll do the rest.

  • Solo Range (frame &...

    Our new Solo range caters for those who only need a basic pair of sunglasses with a pouch, i.e. no interchangeable lenses, fancy cases or straps. What you do get is the usual Rapid Eyewear quality, with impact resistant frames, a lens set that's tailored to fulfil the specific needs that you have, and a microfibre pouch. Whether it's something for night driving, or very dark glasses for light sensitive eyes, our Solo range can help. 

  • Computer Glasses

    Let's face it, most of us spend a lot of time these days staring at screens - computer screens, mobile screens, iPads, laptops etc. etc. One of the main issues with this is the effects of blue light, which is responsible for digital eye strain and may even cause longer-term harmful effects such as macular degeneration. if you use your gadgetry in the evening, you may also find it hard to sleep at night; this is due to the fact blue light can reduce the production of melatonin, which is essential for regulating your body's transition from being awake, to a state of sleep.

    Rapid Eyewear's computer glasses use a specially developed category 1 amber filter to remove the effects of harmful blue light; they can be worn by anyone looking to reduce fatigue, improve their sleep patters and safeguard the longer term health of their eyes.
  • Bifocal Reading Glasses

    If you need reading glasses, but your 'distance' vision is okay, Rapid Eyewear's range of bifocal-ready glasses and sunglasses will be perfect for your needs. Based around the ever-popular 'Nimbus' sports frame, our line-bifocal glasses feature a segment of approximately 12mm in height at the bottom of the lenses, that you can look through when close-up viewing is required.

    'Sports Clear' are UV400 protected, but have no tint, making them perfect for outside use on dull days when you still require some protection from the elements, or simply for safety reasons. They are ideal for shooting, cycling and golf etc., whilst also being perfect for safety use indoors (e.g. laboratory work, dentistry etc.). They are also ideal for those who work in the 'trades', e.g. builders, roofers and engineers. Sports Clear are impact-resistant and comply with all aspects of ISO 12311 and ISO 12312 standards.

    'Bifocal Sports' add a category 3 tint to the bifocal lenses, which means they are perfect for use in full sun. They can be used for the same sporting and trades applications as above, but will also be perfect for driving.

    Please note that we currently only have corrective strengths of +1.5, +2.0 and +2.5. We anticipate adding more options to the range in the near future.