Cumolon Air Sports Sunglasses

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Featuring vented interchangeable lenses, Cumolon can be used whatever the conditions you experience at altitude. Cumolon air sports glasses are suitable for paragliding, hang gliding, parascending etc.

The Frames

The new Cumolon frame features a contemporary styling, whilst retaining the superb hand-sprayed finish of the Cruise that it replaces. Ultra light in weight, the frames feature a slight flex that makes them incredibly comfortable and of course, the side arms are nice and flat to ensure they fit nicely under a headset.

The Lenses

Three sets of lenses are supplied as standard. They are as follows:

1). Cat 0 yellow, for low light conditions
2). Cat 2 red, for changeable or average sunlight conditions
3). Cat 3 grey flash mirror, for bright sunshine
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All lenses are decentred, and anti-scratch coated. A great feature on Aurora lenses are the small vents, which sit on your eyebrows, allowing them to breathe. This helps prevent sweat dripping onto the rear of the lens surface, which can cause fogging.

The Package

Cumolon come with a carry case, retainer strap and microfibre pouch as standard.

Legal & Conformity

Featuring 100% UVA / UVB (UV400) protection, Cumolon comply with all CAA recommendations. They are also certified to ISO 12312 and US Z80.3 standards.

Additional Lens Sets

We are pleased to offer polarised category 2, polarised category 3 and smoked category 4 lenses as optional extras for this product. Please note that polarised lenses should not be worn if you utilise electronic digital or LCD display equipment when flying. Polarised lenses are not recommended for use by the CAA as they can impair your ability to read digital instrumentation. The category 4 lens can be used for air sports but please note, you must not use this set for driving.
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Cumolon Air Sports Sunglasses

Cumolon Air Sports Sunglasses

New for 2015, Cumolon replace the ever popular Cruise sunglasses, adding some refinements

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