Bifocal Clear Sports Safety Glasses

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If your distance vision is so good that you don't need spectacles, but you require some near or 'reading' correction, Rapid Eyewear's Bifocal Clear glasses are the ideal solution. Available in a number of different strengths, Sports Clear consist of a clear (plano) top lens section, and a corrected line-bifocal segment at the bottom. Please note these glasses are not tinted – see separate product listing if you require sunglasses.

The Frames

Our 'Bifocal Clear' glasses are built around the ever-popular 'Nimbus' frame, which has been a staple of the Rapid Eyewear range for some years. Renowned for its strength, looks and practicality, the frame is made from an impact-resistant TR90 composite; it features sprung side arms, a wrap-around styling and an attractive hand-sprayed matt black finish. Rubber nose pads and side arm extensions make for a comfortable fit. The frame measures approximately 13cm across the front, with a 13cm side arm, making it ideal for most adult men and women.Bifocal ready sports safety glasses


A transparent, untinted lens is used for ‘Bifocal Clear'. Formed from an impact-resistant polycarbonate, the 40mm high lenses has a 12mm segment at the bottom with the correction you require. An anti-scratch coating is added to the front surface.


Bifocal Clear are ideal for many activities, including, cycling, golf, shooting and DIY, plus any other activity where you might need protection, without a tint. They are also perfect for use in the trades such as building, roofing and engineering.

Correction Options

Please choose the correct strength from the menu at the top of this page before completing your purchase. To find the strength you need, please look for the 'near add' reading on your dispensed prescription. If you are still unsure whether these sunglasses are suitable for your requirements, please contact your optician for advice.

Compliance and Conformity

All Rapid Eyewear products comply with ISO 12311 and ISO 12312 standards. They offer full UV400 (UVA and UVB) protection.


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Bifocal Clear Sports Safety Glasses

Bifocal Clear Sports Safety Glasses

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