Rapid Eyewear Ski Goggles Are Here!

Rapid Eyewear Ski Goggles Are Here!

We are pleased to announce that our brand new range of ski goggles have arrived at our warehouse - they look awesome, and pack a real technical punch, too.

There are six styles in the range; here is a brief look at what they are. For more detailed information, and to make a purchase, please click through to the product page using the link shown. Please note that Arosa, Apex, Nordic and Edmonton can be supplied with a prescription-ready Rx insert if required - navigate to the product pages for more information.


Black ski goggles with a double-layered spherical lens for anti-fogging. The lens is finished in an attractive orange mirror colour that's ideal for use on the slopes. Find out more about Arosa ski goggles

Arosa ski goggles


Same as Arosa, but in a snazzy white scheme - find out more about Arosa ski goggles here


This pair is in a fetching blue colour, and has the more traditional cylindrical lens shape. Once again, it's a double lens system for anti fogging capability and has the orange lens. Find out more about Nordic goggles for skiing


Same as Nordic but in a regular matt black colour with those orange lenses. More about Edmonton ski goggles here


All of the above styles can have an Rx insert added but for a cheap and cheerful prescription solution, you could try one of our over the glasses ski goggles products. Both Tahko and Corbier (see below) feature cut-outs in the foam surround that allow your glasses frame to fit - neat, huh? Tahko is a cylindrical double-lens pair in matt black - find out more about Tahko over glasses ski goggles here


Same as Tahko but in an attractive blue; find out more about Corbier ski goggles that fit over glasses here

Over glasses ski goggles

Rx Insert For Prescription Ski Goggles

Before we go, we must just tell you about our Rx insert, which will not only fit into Rapid Eyewear ski goggles, but also most other brands of goggles found on the market today. Take a look here to find out more about adding prescription lenses to ski goggles.

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