Sunglasses Retainer Strap

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A versatile strap that can be used for keeping your sunglasses / glasses securely attached to your head when the going gets tough. 

The strap is made from a quality, lightweight nylon material. Each end terminates in a rubber loop assembly, which makes a simple push-fit onto the arms of your sunglasses or glasses and can then be tightened by nipping-up the small rubber ring. You then simply push the button on the toggle to 'unlock' it, slide it up the strap until the fit is right and let it go to 'lock' it in place.

This retainer is suitable for most types of eyewear, and serves as a direct replacement for the one supplied with our range of sunglasses with interchangeable lenses.


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Sunglasses Retainer Strap

Sunglasses Retainer Strap

A glasses and sunglasses retainer strap that makes a simple yet secure push fit onto the side arms.

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