Retainer Strap

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A versatile strap that can be used either to secure eyewear to your head, or as a neck strap for keeping your reading glasses etc. handy.
The strap is made from a quality, lightweight nylon material. Each end terminates in a rubber loop assembly, which makes a simple push-fit onto the arms of your sunglasses or glasses. A small wire ring can then be pushed up to tighten the strap onto the arms. The strap can be adjusted in length by means of a sliding toggle; when adjusted to suit, a push-button on the toggle is depressed to ensure the strap will not slip during use.
The Rapid Eyewear retainer is suitable for most types of glasses and sunglasses.


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Retainer Strap

Retainer Strap

A glasses and sunglasses retainer strap that makes a simple yet secure push fit onto the side arms.

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