Sunglasses Carry Case (one-piece lenses)

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(Stores One-Piece Interchangeable Lenses)

The ideal carry case for all types of sports sunglasses and glasses. The standard Rapid Eyewear case is lightweight, and fixes easily to a belt by means of loops or the fixing catch. It has soft internal pouches that allow for up to three sets of interchangeable lenses to be safely stored, without any rubbing that could damage their surfaces.

Please note the internal pouches are designed for the storage of one-piece lenses. If you have sunglasses with separate right and left interchangeable lenses, please choose the alternative case listed in this section.

This case is suitable for all of our Rx prescription and Ace products.


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Sunglasses Carry Case (one-piece lenses)

Sunglasses Carry Case (one-piece lenses)

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