Pricing and Tax Information

If you choose to make your purchase in a currency other than UK sterling (by selecting the required currency from the menu at the top of the page), the website will automatically calculate the equivalent amount owing based on regularly updated conversion rates. If you are in the UK or Eu countries other than those on the following list, all orders will be charged at the standard UK VAT rate of 20%. 

Apart from the UK where we are based, we are also registered for VAT in the following countries. If you make a purchase from one of these countries, your sale will be subject to the local VAT tax rate, as shown:

Germany – 19%

France – 20%

Italy – 22%

A VAT invoice will be included with all orders made through this website. For orders made via eBay or Amazon, please request a VAT invoice if you need one and we will be pleased to send it to you.