Catch Pro Fly Fishing Sunglasses

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Simon Robinson Fly Fishing Sunglasses

When it comes to fishing eyewear, Catch Pro polarised fly fishing sunglasses are difficult to beat in terms of versatility, comfort, quality and performance. They feature an interchangeable pack of polarised and light enhancing lenses that will ensure you enjoy the best vision possible 100% of the time. Although popular with the fly fishing fraternity, Catch Pro sunglasses are in fact ideal for all types of angling. As used by twice UK Rivers Champion Simon Robinson (photo right).


The Frames

The high quality, lightweight TR90 frame is very strong and has many features including sprung side-arms, a slight flex for comfortable fitting on most heads, rubber side arm extensions and nose pads plus a wrap-around shape that blocks unwanted light from the peripheries of your vision. The frame is hand-finished in an attractive matt-black colour.

The Lenses

Three sets of polycarbonate lenses are supplied as standard, these being:

  • Category 0, for dull days or early morning / night fishing
  • Category 2, beige polarised for fairly bright days
  • Category 3, grey polarised mirror, for use on sunny days.

All lenses are de-centred for optimum calibration, and anti-scratch coated. Polarising filters remove horizontal light that bounces of the water as glare, allowing you the best possible chance to see the fish below.

Catch Pro polarised fishing sunglasses photo CatchProBlack_zps3f1e662b-1.jpg

The Package

Apart from the lenses and frame, several extras are included as standard. The complete package is as follows:

  • TR90 frame
  • Category 0 lenses
  • Polarised Category 2 lenses
  • Polarised Category 3 lenses
  • Carry case
  • Microfibre cleaning cloth
  • Head retainer strap for secure fitting

Rapid Eyewear sunglasses conform to ISO 12311 and 12312 standards for sunglasses and protective equipment testing. They offer 100% UVA / UVB (UV400) protection and comply with US Z80.3.

Polarized fishing sunglasses photo Catch-Pro-Black-set_zps924f0ce4.jpg


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Catch Pro Fly Fishing Sunglasses

Catch Pro Fly Fishing Sunglasses

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