Ski Goggles Rx Prescription Insert

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Highly practical and versatile, Rapid Eyewear's ski goggles Rx insert will fit most ski and snowboarding designs available on the market today. Made from a robust TR90 material, the adaptor has sprung arms on the top and bottom that simply 'jam' themselves above and below the lens inside your goggles.

We are delighted to offer a full prescription service for this product - see below for details of how to order. If you would prefer to have your own optician undertake the optical work, simply buy the insert only (this is the default buying option on this page) and take it to them. IMPORTANT: If taking the insert to your optician, please ask them not to use alcohol-based cleaner to finish the job as this will ruin the plastic.

Please note this adaptor is sized to fit in adult ski goggles. Please check the diagram with dimensions shown below carefully before ordering. Note that the four spring arms are designed to squeeze inwards and will therefore fit into goggles with a minimum lens height of approx. 5.5cm. Fully extended, the arms stretch to 7.7cm.

Ordering A Full Prescription Service

To add prescription lenses to our optical adaptor, select the relevant option from the drop-down menu at the top of this page. Some boxes will appear - please enter your prescription details here before proceeding to the checkout. We can add prescription strengths up to plus or minus 4.5: if your requirement is stronger than this, please do not attempt to order.

PD (Pupillary Distance)

This is the distance, in millimetres, between the centres of your eye pupils when measured across the front of your glasses. Your optician might be willing to give you this information (they will know your PD, but sometimes refuse to release it if they know you are having eyewear made elsewhere) but if not, ask a friend to hold a ruler up against your regular glasses and measure the distance for you. Most PD's fall in the range of 58 - 70mm but they can be a little smaller or larger that this.


A full warranty is offered on the prescription work undertaken on your behalf. If you receive an insert and discover the prescription is not right, you can return it to us for checking at no cost. If we have to rework an insert because of an error in your prescription, we may charge a rework cost to cover our expenses with the optical lab. it is very rare for mistakes to be made in the manufacture of lenses by our professional optical laboratory, however if this does occur, all errors will be corrected at no charge.

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Ski Goggles Rx Prescription Insert

Ski Goggles Rx Prescription Insert

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