Nimbus FT Sporty Sunglasses

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Nimbus FT sunglasses are ideal for general sports and leisure use. The most important features of Nimbus FT Sporty Sunglasses are:

  • Lightweight yet highly robust TR90 frame
  • Wrap-around styling blocks light and wind
  • 100% UVA / UVB protection
  • Interchangeable lenses, including vented Frostech, polarised and low light options
  • Scratch resistant, de-centred lenses with high quality optics
  • Carry case and head retainer strap included as standard

The Frame

Made from an ultra tough TR90 compound, the frame is lightweight and comfortable. It has a slight flex that allows it to shape itself around your head, whilst the side arm extension rubbers and nose pads also enhance comfort levels further. The frame is finished in an attractive hand-sprayed matt black finish.
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The lenses

Three sets of impact resistant interchangeable lenses are supplied as standard. They are:

  • Category 0, yellow. Wear these in low light conditions, or for night driving
  • Category 2, beige polarised. Ideal for fairly bright or changeable conditions
  • Category 3, Blue Vented mirror Frostech. For use in sunny conditions

All lenses are anti-scratch coated and have beeen decentred to ensure you enjoy the optimum focal point. By filtering blue light, Rapid Eyewear lenses improve definition, contrast and depth perception in your field of view. The vented Frostech lens has an anti-fogging capability, whilst the mirror finish greatly reduces glare. The Category 2 lens also has an anti-glare capability through its polarising filter.

The Package

In addition to the lenses, you will also receive a head retainer, cleaning cloth and 'hard' case as standard. The case has internal pockets for spare lenses, and belt fixing catches and loops.


Nimbus FT conform to ISO 12312 standards, and US Z80.3. They offer 100% UVA / UVB (UV400) protection on all lens sets.

Additional Lenses

Please note that, if you wish, you can buy an additional, polarised grey mirror lens set with this product by selecting the option from the drop-down menu above before completing your purchase. You can also select a Category 4 smoked lens for use in very bright sunshine (please note this set cannot be used for driving).

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Nimbus FT Sporty Sunglasses

Nimbus FT Sporty Sunglasses

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