Fitting Your face: Sunglasses With Adjustable Arms

Fitting Your face: Sunglasses With Adjustable Arms


Fat, thin, big and small – people have differently size heads – fact. Presumably this means that you need to choose a pair of sports sunglasses that makes the right fit for your needs? Well, in actual fact, this is not entirely true.

For starters good quality sports sunglasses, like those from Rapid Eyewear, are moulded from a polycarbonate or TR90 composite that results in the frame having the ability to flex and shape itself to your features. The standard width of a pair of adult sports sunglasses is 13cm, with a side-arm length of 13cm (added to the wrap-around portion of the front frame, the total side length will be 150 – 160mm). In reality this works for most people, which is great news for those buying on the internet as you can be reasonably confident of a decent fit. But what if you generally find these one-size-fits-all products don’t work for you? Maybe you have an especially tricky head shape?

Develop A Nose For Choosing Your Eyewear

A simple device sports sunglasses manufacturers have long used to resolve size problems is the adjustable nose clip. This is a small rubber clip with side pads that can be squeezed together, or pulled apart, with your fingers in order to make a bespoke fit on your nose.  Not all sports glasses have them, but many do and you won’t find it difficult to pick a pair up on the internet.

Now, without doubt this is a great idea since in our experience, more people have trouble with nose-fit than anything else; if sunglasses sit too high on your hooter, you get too much light encroachment from below – if they sit too far down they’ll feel like they are going to fall off all the time. At Rapid Eyewear, we manufacture a number of products that utilise adjustable nose pads, including Expert, Breeze, Fusion, Ice, Luna etc. and we know that our customers appreciate this feature.

Nose Pad Adjusted: I Still Don’t Like The Fit

Okay, so that didn’t work for you, making you a very difficult customer! Only joking. It happens – so what next? Well, for pretty much every other sports eyewear manufacturer, nothing, because they don’t have any more answers to making products fit. I guess you’ll just have to resign yourself to the fact that squinting will be a part of your sporting life. But wait (he says, drawing on the true traditions of those 1970’s TV ‘we can solve your problem’ adverts) – there is an answer, people! Hands up those who already guessed Rapid Eyewear can help? Well this is our blog so we’d be pretty stupid to get you this far down the screen if we hadn’t a clue now, wouldn’t we?

Raise Your Arms If You Need Bespoke Sizing

Rapid Eyewear’s Toledo and Edge sunglasses feature side arms that can be raised or lowered using a unique ratchet system. Each arm makes a pleasing little ‘click’ sound as you pull them up and down; this allows you to alter the angle of the front section in relation to the arm, effectively ‘tilting’ the front until it sits on your face properly. Good, eh? In addition, the nose clip is adjustable, so you can tweak the frame all ways until it’s perfect.

You are probably wondering why nobody thought of this before. Frankly we’ve no idea but let’s not dwell on that – get your Edge or Toledo today, and tweak to your heart’s content.

Rapid Eyewear Edge and Toledo sunglasses for sport can be purchased from this section of our website