Bifocal Sports Sunglasses for Cycling, Shooting, Running and Driving

Bifocal Sport Sunglasses

If you need reading glasses, but your 'distance' vision is okay, Rapid Eyewear's range of bifocal-ready glasses and sunglasses will be perfect for your needs.

Based around the ever-popular 'Nimbus' sports frame, our line-bifocal clear-lens sports safety glasses feature a segment of approximately 12mm in height at the bottom of the lenses, that you can look through when close-up viewing is required. 'Sports Clear' are UV400 protected, but have no tint, making them perfect for outside use on dull days when you still require some protection from the elements, or simply for safety reasons. They are ideal for shooting, cycling and golf etc., whilst also being perfect for safety use indoors (e.g. laboratory work, dentistry etc.). They are also ideal for those who work in the 'trades', e.g. builders, roofers and engineers. Sports Clear are impact-resistant and comply with all current British, European and US standards.

'Bifocal Sports' add a category 3 tint to the bifocal lenses, which means they are perfect for use in full sun. They can be used for the same sporting and trades applications as above, but will also be perfect for driving. Bifocal Sports feature a clear insert with the correction on each lens; the rest of the lens surface is tinted (category 3), and polarised. Having a clear reading insert makes it easier to see maps, GPS instruments, scorecards etc. when you need to do so.

Please note that we currently only have corrective strengths of +1.50, +2.00, +2.25 (bifocal sports only) and +2.50. 
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