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Prescription Sports Glasses

We are pleased to offer a range of solutions for those who wear eyeglasses, including a product with an Rx adaptor (Pro Performance Plus), pilot-style and also the highly cost-effective 'over glasses' that go over your spectacles. All of our products offer excellent uv (uv400) eye protection.

Rx Sunglasses

The Rx or optical insert, is effectively a small plastic spectacle frame that sits behind the tinted lens on our Pro Performance Plus model. This arrangement provides several key advantages:

  • Versatility: it allows for interchangeable, tinted lens options to be used
  • Strength: it doubles the protective layers in front of your eyes for sport
  • Cost effectiveness: Stock lenses can be cut to your corrective requirements, and easily replaced if your prescription changes

Pro Performance Plus are lightweight, benefit from a wrap-around frame and include a feature that allows you to flip up the tinted lenses for tint free viewing if required. They are ideal for both ladies and gents.

Over Glasses

If you're looking for a simple, budget option that provides optical correction, try our polarised mens and womens Over Glasses. The Over Glasses simply fit on top of your existing spectacles; they are available in a range of colours and different size options (please check the indicated measurements carefully before making your purchase). Our polycarbonate Over Glasses are strong, lightweight and fitted with impact-resistant polarised Category 3 lenses. Most styles feature a flash mirrored lens that reflects light when outdoors, effectively hiding your spectacles beneath. For an effective and better-looking alternative to clip on lenses, try overglasses today.

Altius Pilot-Style Sunglasses

With a slight wrap-around styling, the designer Altius feature high quality frames with sprung side arms, and impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses with hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings that resist grease and water. We will be happy to fit high-quality prescription lenses to the Altius range for you; please note that a flash mirror finish can be fitted if required, for an additional cost, for an especially stylish and cool look. 

Prescription Service

We are pleased to offer a full prescription service at highly competitive prices. We can make up both single-vision and bifocal options, but not varifocals (progressive lenses). before committing to your purchase, please ensure you read the product notes carefully as there are some restrictions on eye strengths - as a general rule, the maximum diopter strength is plus or minus 4.5. We can also correct any astigmatism you may have (the information we need for this is included in your standard dispensed prescription). If you would prefer your own optician to complete the optical work, buy the glasses frames only and they will be able to help.
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