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Driving Sunglasses

When it comes to driving sunglasses, there are a number of criteria that you should look for. All of the following are met by Rapid Eyewear's product range:

  • Choose a wrap-around frame to ensure you block sunlight when it's coming in from peripheral areas of your vision (side windows)
  • Make sure they are comfortable for those longer journeys
  • Consider polarised lenses, for removing glare from the road and other cars
Rapid Eyewear's 'Drive' packages are absolutely ideal for all motoring conditions, and completely safe to use. They include anti-glare, polarised Category 2 and Category 3 tinted lens options, plus a Category 0 option for reducing headlight glare at night. For something more colourful, choose Edge (Note: the Category 3 Edge lenses are not polarised).
All of our products are designed to be suitable for both ladies and gents, apart from the women's Tortoiseshell over glasses (see below). Whether you're a truck driver, or you simply drive a car for business or leisure purposes, we have something that will work for you. Daytime or nighttime, we've got you covered.

Prescription Driving Sunglasses

If you wear spectacles, our corrective options will give you all the benefits of the three interchangeable lenses described above, plus your distance or bifocal (ie. with reading or nearsighted) correction, housed in an Rx insert. We will be happy to add your prescription for you; simply select the appropriate option from the buttons at the top of the product page and then enter your details in the boxes that appear before completing your purchase.

If you prefer more traditional pilot-style eyeglasses, Altius are also ideal. With their high quality wrap-around frames and polarized lenses, the Altius offer a great balance between fashion and performance. Finally, for a highly cost effective option, choose our driving over glasses (see below).

Night Driving Glasses

How can you see better in the dark with a Category 0 yellow or amber lens set fitted? Well first of all, note that you cannot see objects at night using a yellow lens that were completely invisible before; you can't add light that wasn't already there. What you can do is greatly improve the definition and contrast of what you can see, whilst reducing the glare from headlights (including high beam) and street lamps. This is achieved by filtering out blue light from the spectrum and through the use of an anti-glare (AR) coating. This is what yellow lenses do, and why they are so effective. Using these lenses will also reduce fatigue on longer journeys.

Note: Our night lenses are not polarised. Despite what many companies selling online want you to think, polarised lenses DO NOT work at night. This is because polarising lenses filter horizontal light that bounces off flat surfaces, to reduce glare; they do not work with the diffused light emitted by car headlamps etc. Unfortunately the myth that polarised lenses reduce glare at night is constantly perpetuated by unscrupulous companies who would rather make money based on untruths, than sell with an ethical approach. AR coated lenses actually do the job effectively.

Driving Over Glasses

Sunglasses that fit over your regular specs are a popular and cost-effective solution to your driving needs. You can wear our range of overglasses on top of spectacles of all sizes - please check the size charts provided with each product to see what will fit you. Most products are polarised, except for the night vision options, and those which feature photochromic (transition) lenses.

Photochromic Driving Glasses

If you want sunglasses with lenses that change with the light, take a look at our photochromic options. Sunglasses with photochromic (also called 'transition') lenses change their tint from clear, right down to Category 3 and back again as the conditions vary. This can be perfect on a day where sunshine is intermittent, and general light levels differ during your journey. We are pleased to offer three types of photochromic glasses: Choose the Rx option for a full prescription pair, the over-glasses if you want a budget corrective option, or the regular Photochromic Driving Glasses for non-prescription (regular) shades.


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