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Cricket sunglasses are now very popular amongst professional and club players alike in the UK. It is perhaps surprising it has taken so long for this to happen, given the obvious benefits of wearing sunglasses that improve definition and reduce glare.

Rapid Eyewear sunglasses for cricketers are perfect for all ages and standards, because they are lightweight, wrap-around and versatile, given the provision of interchangeable lenses. Polarised lenses are superb for reducing glare in the field, the beige option being invaluable if you're looking into the sun after the tea interval. If you're a wicketkeeper, buy a set with interchangeables and add a clear lens option to your basket to ensure you can use them as safety glasses when 'standing up'. Our lenses filter out blue light, thereby improving the definition and contrast of the ball, players and field.

If you're a prescription cricket sunglasses wearer, choose Pro Performance Prescription, which provide all the benefits mentioned above thanks to the use of an Rx adaptor. We will be pleased to add prescription lenses for you, at a modest extra cost - just choose the relevant option from the drop-down menu on the product page.
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