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Fishing sunglasses with interchangeable lenses allow anglers to change their fishing eyewear to suit different light conditions. Rapid Eyewear's Catch fishing sunglasses come with three lenses, two of which are polarised - as worn by UK Fly-Fishing Champion Simon Robinson.

Most fishermen know they need to have sport sunglasses with polarised lenses - but why, and how do they work? Polarised sunglasses have filters attached to the lenses, which remove horizontal light, thereby removing glare. In essence, glare is caused by the sun's rays bouncing off horizontal surfaces, so getting rid of this light also takes away the glare. The result? Well, depending on the water you're fishing in, it drastically improves your chances of seeing what's below the surface, or aberrations on the surface.

There are plenty of fishing sunglasses on the market, but most only come supplied with one tint, meaning you'll need to buy at least two pairs to ensure you can get rid of that glare not only on sunny days, but also when it's hazy. Thanks to Rapid Eyewear, you can now buy one pair that will do the whole job - and, you get the light-enhancing lenses too, for dull days or early morning / night fishing, plus a superb carry case and head securing strap.

If you're a spectacle wearer, select Catch Pro Prescription fishing sunglasses to enjoy all the benefits described above. We will be pleased to add your prescription lenses for you at a modest cost, too. Catch Pro Prescription sunglasses are the choice of fishing experts, including renowned Carp journalist Julian Cundiff who describes them as "simply brilliant."
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