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Motorcycle Sunglasses

In order to be suitable, motorcycle sunglasses need to be comfortable, lightweight, and able to fit without issues under a helmet. We have a range of biker eyewear to suit all of your requirements, whether you wear a full faced helmet, open faced helmet or you need prescription motorbike sunglasses. Our Moritz and Aspen sunglasses, with their removable straps and wind shields, are ideal for use as motocross goggles.


Rapid Eyewear sunglasses and goggles comply with all current British, European and US safety standards for sunglasses.

Prescription Motorbike Sunglasses

For those who need prescription biker sunglasses, our Pro Performance Plus and Rx Photochromic products, which feature interchangeable lenses, are ideal. If you prefer a more traditional aviator style look, Altius can also be made up to your prescription requirements.

Biker Glasses for Night Riding

Our Groove, Drive Black, Edge and Pro Performance Plus sunglasses are bundled with yellow lenses which, at dusk or at night, remove the harshness of oncoming car headlamps and street lights through the use of an AR (anti-reflective) filter, making it easier to see where you are going. They also help to reduce the fatigue that can be caused by glare on longer journeys.

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