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Mens and womens prescription sunglasses can cost a lot of money, especially if you buy them from an optician. Rapid Eyewear's range of uv400 overglasses offer a cost-effective solution to your needs, as they simply fit over your existing spectacles. Available in a range of fashionable colours and sizes, most products are polarised (except for the night driving option - see below - and the extra dark Vogue Category 4) and anti-scratch coated; they are built around a lightweight yet tough polycarbonate frame, and feature impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses. All Category 3 lens products have a flash mirrored finish, which effectively makes your glasses frame invisible when you're outdoors.

Rapid Eyewear products can overfit eyeglasses up to 140mm wide - please carefully check the size charts on each product page to ensure you have chosen a product that will cover your normal specs. Choose Correctors, Frost or Torts if you need something small, Medium Correctors or Medium Torts for something generally bigger and Vogue (black or tortoiseshell) for wide / large requirements.

If you require night driving OTG ('over the glasses'), take a look at our anti-glare 'Night Correctors' and 'Vogue Night' options. Night Correctors will go over smaller spectacles, whilst Vogue are the best option if you need to cover a larger frame.

Rapid Eyewear Over Glasses can be used for most sports and leisure activities including driving, fishing, cycling and shooting. For general sports use we recommend you add a retainer strap to your purchase (option available on each product page).

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