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Paragliding Sunglasses

Hang gliding and paragliding sunglasses need to be very tough, lightweight, wrap-around and optically superior to ensure you enjoy superb levels of clarity and definition when in the air. Rapid Eyewear's sunglasses offer all of these attributes, plus a choice of options that ensures there will be something to suit you.

If you want a range of tints for different light conditions, choose a pair from the Mile High range, which are supplied with no less than four sets of lenses as standard, plus a carry case, head securing strap and cleaning cloth. Each pair includes our famous light-enhancing set for dull days, or early morning / early evening use.

Both Aspen and Moritz benefit from removable foam / rubber inserts, which provide extra lenses of wind and light blockage from the peripheries of your vision - Moritz, Aspen and Falera all have vented lenses, giving them an anti-fogging capability. If you're worried about head security, check out the removable side-arms on Moritz, which can be replaced by a retainer strap.

Note: All of the sunglasses shown here are comfortable beneath a helmet.

If you need prescription paragliding sunglasses, choose Aviate. You may want to consider adding the clear UV400 lens to your package as well (available from a drop-down menu on the Aviate page), making your glasses ready to use even when you don't require a tint. We will be happy to add your prescription lenses at a modest extra cost: see individual product page for more details.

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