Medical Sunglasses for Photophobia, Dry Eye and Macular Degeneration

Medical Sunglasses

There are various eye conditions that can be greatly relieved by choosing an appropriate pair of sunglasses. For conditions such as photophobia and macular degeneration, doctors may recommend you choose eyewear that will relieve the symptoms. In addition, you may need to consider wearing a dark pair of sunglasses if you've recently had a cataract operation. Perhaps 'dry eye' is your problem, in which case we have products that will be ideal. Hay fever sufferers will also be interested in our enclosed range of eyewear.

To make life easier for you, we've selected the products from our range that are ideal for helping you to cope with all of these conditions.

Important note: the sunglasses we've chosen are not specifically tested for medical use. They do, however, exactly match the criteria for relieving the medical conditions described. If in doubt about what you need, you should always consult a doctor or optometrist before purchasing. We cannot be responsible for any injury or loss resulting from the incorrect use of our products.
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