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Climbing goggles or climbing sunglasses are a staple part of your kit. As such, choosing the correct eyewear for the purpose is absolutely essential. Rapid Eyewear have some great choices, whether you're a novice or experienced alpine climber.

No matter how high you climb, the chances are, you'll always encounter wind - and a cold wind at that - somewhere up the line. All of Rapid Eyewear's climbing goggles and glacier glasses block annoying light and wind through their wrap around shape, but climbers should seriously consider going for Aspen or Moritz if they want the ultimate reduction. Both feature removeable rubber / foam inserts that will thoroughly protect your eyes against the elements. Vented lenses ensure you won't suffer fogging.

All of our Alpine range have ultra-tough frames and lenses that will protect your face in the event of a fall, and sturdy retainer straps are included as standard.

If you're a prescription wearer, Pro Performance Plus are an excellent choice, with four sets of interchangeable lenses, including two polarised options and a clear lens that still provides 100% UVA / UVB protection. We will be happy to add your prescription, too - just choose the relevant option on the product page.


We are delighted to provide a full spares back-up service: everything from frames, lenses, nose rubbers and even side-arm fixing screws are available if you need them at a later date, or maybe you just want to buy an extra lens set. It's all listed in our spares and accessory sections of this website.
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