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Sailing Sunglasses

Sailing is one sport that can really push your eyewear to the limit. The sunglasses you choose need to block wind and unwanted light from the peripheries of your vision; you'll also experience some crazy light changes - that's why Rapid Eyewear's interchangeable lens system is ideal because, if the weather or light is poor, you can use the low light lenses and when it's bright, with lots of glare, polarised beige or grey mirror tints will do the trick.

Lightweight, wrap-around sunglasses are perfect for sailing, and so is the inclusion of a retainer strap, to ensure your sunglasses remain firmly where you want them, i.e. on your head and not in the water.

Floating Sunglasses?

Jet skiers and water skiers will find our Float sunglasses especially ideal since, unlike most 'lightweight' plastic sunglasses, they won't sink if you drop them in the water. these amazing sunglasses weigh just 10g, making them light enough to simply bob up and down if they do slip off.

Rx Prescription Sailing Sunglasses?

If you are a prescription wearer, choose Pro Performance Plus. These Rx based sunglasses provide a lightweight, attractive option for spectacle wearers. You can order a prescription-ready pair; select the product below for details.
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