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Golf sunglasses with interchangeable lenses allow the user to change their tint according to the light conditions. For sunny days, Rapid Eyewear's advanced polarised green mirror tinted lens is the ultimate golf eyewear accessory; developed to provide the best contrast possible between a white ball and green background, it cuts through blue light to help you read the fairways and greens better. Meanwhile, Category 0 low light lenses are great for early morning and late evening play, whilst a beige polarised lens is perfect for light cloud, hazy or fairly sunny days where superb definition and clarity can be achieved through the filtering of blue light.

Thanks to the changeable lenses, Rapid Eyewear's golf sunglasses are effectively three pairs rolled into one: you also get a high quality carry case, head retainer strap and a microfibre cleaning cloth to go with them. Everything you need, in fact, to enjoy the best vision you can achieve on the golf course.
Our frames are made from the highest quality polycarbonate and TR90 composites; they are lightweight, wrap-around in style and have a slight flex that allows them to comfortable fit most shapes and sizes of head. Most pairs benefit from an adjustable nose clip, whilst Edge feature our new and unique side-arm height adjustment system which allows you to make a bespoke fit.

If you need corrective golf sunglasses, the Scratch Pro X Prescription brings the benefits of interchangeable lenses, through the use of an Rx insert. We will be happy to provide a full prescription service: just select the relevant option from the product page when you buy. 
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