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Very Dark Category 4 Over Glasses
  • Very Dark Category 4 Over Glasses
  • Very Dark Category 4 Over Glasses
  • Very Dark Category 4 Over Glasses
  • Very Dark Category 4 Over Glasses

Overglasses for Night Driving (Wide Fit)

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Rapid Eyewear's specialised 'Vogue Night' sunglasses that fit over spectacles, feature Category 0 lenses with an AR coating that reduces the glare omitted by car headlamps and street lights etc. Complementing our similar product 'Night Correctors', Vogue Night will fit over wider spectacles, measuring up to 142mm (if your glasses are no wider than 130mm, you might want to consider Night Correctors instead - they can be viewed here). By filtering blue light, Vogue Night are also extremely useful for range of applications where you need to see better in poor light conditions.

The Frames

Vogue night feature an ultra-rugged polycarbonate frame, finished in an attractive, hand-sprayed matt black colour. The frame will fit over glasses up to 142mm wide, with a maximum lens height of 43mm (see size diagram).

The Lenses

Polycarbonate lenses provide superb physical protection for your eyes. Vogue Night's yellow lenses have an anti-reflective (AR) coating that is specially designed to greatly reduce the glare from car headlamps and street lights when driving at night. 

Over glasses sunglasses for driving at night

Why Are They Not Polarised?

You may have seen so-called 'night driving glasses' with polarised lenses for sale elsewhere. It is a common myth that polarised lenses will reduce glare at night - they won't. This is because polarised lenses are only designed to filter sunlight as it bounces off horizontal surfaces; this is totally different to the diffused light emitted by car headlamps etc. We highly recommend you do NOT buy polarised 'night driving glasses' because, unless they also have an AR coating, they won't work.


Apart from driving, Vogue Night can be used for running, cycling, shooting and any other sports or leisure applications that require usage in poor light or dark conditions.

UV Protection

Despite being for use in poor light, Vogue night offer 100% UVA / UVB (uv400) protection. They comply with British, European and US standards.

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