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If you have our Rx sunglasses and your prescription has changed, renew it here. 


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IMPORTANT NOTE: The Rapid Eyewear Rx insert will not fit any brand of sunglasses other than Rapid Eyewear. It will only fit into our standard Rx prescription frame.
If you already own a pair of Rapid Eyewear Rx sunglasses, and you need a replacement Rx adaptor or prescription has changed, you can buy a new ready-to-go insert here. The optical insert (Rx) adaptor will fit all of our prescription sports sunglasses with interchangeable lenses, including:

  • Aviate
  • Innovation Plus
  • Pro Performance
  • Pro Performance Plus
  • 'Scratch' Pro X Prescription
  • Catch Pro Prescription
  • Drive Prescription
When you receive the insert, you can replace the old one by pulling it downwards and out of the frame. The new insert fits into a slot in the nose-bridge section of your sunglasses.

Prescription Options

We can make single-vision (distance) or bifocal lenses, with either C39 or polycarbonate lenses. Both materials are very robust and optically superb - the only difference between the two is that polycarbonate offers additional, impact resistant strength and may be suitable for those who use their sunglasses for activities such as shooting, or paragliding etc.

How Long Does It Take?

If you are ordering a single-vision (distance correction) prescription, please allow 7 - 10 days to receive your insert (if you are returning your existing insert, allow 7 - 10 days from our receiving it). For bifocal correction, allow 14 - 18 days.

What Are the Prescription Limits?

Inserts can be made to a maximum distance correction of plus or minus 4.5; this equates to the SPH (sphere) on your prescription. The reasons for this are the thickness of the lens we have to make for the insert, and the calibration of the slightly curved lens optics.

Can You Make Progressives (Varifocals)?

We cannot offer a varifocal / progressive or prism service. This is because to make these lenses, the exact point at which your eye pupil corresponds to the lens has to be marked and we cannot do that remotely. If you require varifocals, please ask your optician to help.

What Is PD?

PD is an abbreviation for 'Pupillary Distance'. it is the distance, in millimetres, between the centres of your eye pupils. It is very rare for an optician to put this information on your prescription, and they are not obliged to reveal it to you. Many opticians will either refuse to tell you your PD, or they will ask you for money in return for revealing it. The reason for this is that opticians do not like their customers buying their eyewear elsewhere.

The good news is, it is very easy to measure your PD. Whilst wearing your regular glasses, ask someone to hold a standard ruler up against the front of them and measure the distance between your eye pupil centres in millimetres - it should be in the range 55mm - 72mm.

If you cannot measure your PD for some reason, we may be able to make your insert by using the average measurement, which is 63mm. For smaller prescriptions (e.g. less that plus or minus 2.00) the tolerance of a PD is very wide and so your eyewear should work with no problems, even if 63mm is several millimetres out.

If you receive your sunglasses and they do not work, we will fix them FREE OF CHARGE, even if it is because you did not submit a correct PD. We offer this service because we believe opticians are wrong to withhold a patients' PD.

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