Float Polarised Rowing Sunglasses
  • Float Polarised Rowing Sunglasses

Rowing Sunglasses That Float

Polarised rowing sunglasses that won't sink if you drop them in the water


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Sunglasses that float for rowers


Most sports sunglasses are 'lightweight', but the fact is, almost all of them will sink without a trace if you drop them over the side of your boat. Rapid Eyewear's rowing sunglasses that float, weighing in at a paltry 30g, do exactly what the name suggests - they are floating sunglasses. With polarised, Frostech blue mirror lenses, 'Float' look attractive, are tough and most importantly, they will do the job you need.

The Frames

Made from a tough and flexible polycarbonate, Float are extremely tough and will easily stand up to the rigours of life on the water. Finished in a gloss black colour, the frames have rubber nose and ear pads, making them extremely comfortable; the flex in the frame makes Float easily fit most sizes and shapes of head, including youths.

The Lenses

Float make use of the technology used on the highly popular and well-established Aspen sunglasses, having as they do Rapid Eyewear's Frostech lenses. They are decentred, anti-scratch coated and finished with a polarised mirror finish that removes glare from the water. By filtering blue light, Float greatly enhance the contrast and definition of objects in your field of view.

The Package

Float are supplied with a head-securing retainer and a draw-string carry pouch that doubles as a lint-free cleaning cloth. Note: These sunglasses do not float with the retainer fitted.

Conformity and UV

Rapid Eyewear sunglasses comply with all current British, European and US standards. They offer 100% UVA / UVB (UV400) protection.
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