Expert Skiing Sunglasses
  • Expert Skiing Sunglasses
  • Expert Skiing Sunglasses
  • Expert Skiing Sunglasses
  • Expert Skiing Sunglasses

Expert Skiing Sunglasses

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Expert sunglasses for skiing with infrared protection


The Expert design makes for a very nice looking pair of sport sunglasses - and they pack a high specification too. This version takes our standard sports package and adds a clear lens set for those who need to keep the wind, debris and elements out even when a tint is not required
. In addition, the Category 3 red mirror lens blocks 90% infrared, which makes Expert ideal for use at high altitudes.

Main Features

  • lightweight, wrap-around frame
  • Frame made from a tough TR90 composite
  • 4 x interchangeable lens sets for different light conditions
  • Lenses have vent cut-outs for anti-fogging
  • Adjustable nose clip
  • Revo-style red mirror lens provides superb optical definition
  • Carry case, cleaning cloth and head / neck securing strap included as standard

The Frames

Finished in a highly attractive matt black and orange colour scheme, the frames have rubberised tips for comfort. Being extremely light, and thanks to a slight flex that makes the glasses fit most sizes and shapes of head well, Expert are very comfortable to wear. The frame is made from TR90, a plastic composite material famous for being virtually bullet-proof and thus superior to the more common polycarbonate.

The Expert frame benefits from an adjustable rubber nose clip, which can be narrowed or widened to exactly fit the wearer's requirements.

The Lenses

Made from an extremely robust and impact resistant polycarbonate, all lenses bundled with the Expert are made to very high optical standards. Four sets of lenses are provided as standard, and these are as follows:

  • Clear, for keeping out the elements and debris when a tint is not required
  • Category 0, light-enhancing. For use on dull or cloudy days
  • Category 2, beige polarised. For use on fairly bright or changeable days
  • Category 3, red 'Frostech' mirror, for use on bright / sunny days
Note: All lenses are 100% UVA / UVB protected, including the clear set.

The Category 3 lens is packed with features. Apart from having a red mirror polarised finish, this lens set also has built-in titanium layers that block up to 90% of the Infrared part of the spectrum, thus increasing visual clarity and definition, whilst protecting the wearer's eyes when used at altitude (where IR is at its most severe).

All lenses supplied with Expert are anti-scratch coated, and decentred, which means the possible distorting effects of placing a curved lens in front of your eyes are calibrated out at the manufacturing stage.

The Package

Expert are supplied with a lint-free microfibre cleaning cloth, head / neck securing retainer and carry case as standard. The case has internal pouches for storing the extra lenses, plus a belt fixing catch and loops, making for easy access to your sunglasses when you need them in a hurry.


Rapid Eyewear sunglasses conform to British, European and US standards for sunglasses and protective equipment testing. They offer 100% UVA / UVB (uv400) protection.


Apart from skiing, Expert are highly suited to most sports and leisure uses including cycling, running and driving.

Additional Lens Options

The green mirror lens set has been specifically designed for golf - through cutting blue light, it features superb definition and contrast on the course, allowing you to read the terrain and greens far better.

You can choose the extra lens option by clicking on the appropriate button at the top of this page before completing your purchase.

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