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Glaucoma, Photophobia, Cataract Sunglasses

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There are a number of eye conditions that can lead to light sensitivity, or photophobia, issues - these include glaucoma, and the effects of cataract or other post laser eye surgery (including lasik). Rapid Eyewear's 'Nimbus Dark' category 4 sunglasses are ideal for relieving the symptoms of all these conditions.

Whilst we recommend the use of these sunglasses for the conditions mentioned above, you should always consult a doctor or eye specialist for specific advice. We cannot be responsible for any injury or loss resulting from the incorrect use of our eyewear for the relief of a medical condition. Please also read the additional notes below regarding driving.

The Frames

Made from a robust yet lightweight TR90 composite, the frame is finished in an attractive matt black colour. It features sprung side arms and rubber side arm extensions for an ultra comfortable fit. The Nimbus frame is designed to fit most adults; a slight built-in flex means the frame will 'mould' itself to your head comfortably. The wrap-around sports shape prevents light intrusion from the sides of your vision.

The Lenses

Nimbus lenses are cut from an impact-resistant polycarbonate material. Each lens is decentred, to calibrate the field of view such that the slight curvature does not distort your vision. 

Very dark category 4 sunglasses for sports

Pouch & Accessories

A microfibre pouch is supplied, that doubles as a cleaning cloth. if you would like a retainer strap, please select this option from the menu at the top of this page before completing your purchase. 

Conformity and Legal

Nimbus sunglasses comply with all current British, European and US standards. They offer 100% UV protection. 

Important Note: Driving
Please note that category 4 sunglasses are NOT suitable for driving, cycling, motorbiking or any other road use. They are designated as dangerous for use on the road according to all major international standards. We cannot be responsible for any loss or injury resulting from the use of these sunglasses for any of the activities listed above.

Category 4 sunglasses allow less than 10% of the visible spectrum through the lenses and into your eyes. Most car windscreens are tinted, and this reduces the amount of visible light even further. Please do not put yourself or others in danger by ignoring this warning.

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